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Why Plastering Is Best Left To A Professional

wall plastering

Applying plaster to a wall is much more than simply slapping some material on and hoping for the best. Getting a smooth finish takes time, effort and a lot of skill. This smooth finish is important because it creates the foundation for your wall coverings. Mistakes can be unsightly and costly to repair, not to mention frustrating. Here’s why we think you should always leave plastering to a professional.

Pre-Plastering Prep

Before any plaster goes on the wall, you need to do some prep work. The wall should be flat. This can be checked using specialist equipment, or just a straight piece of material. Any areas that aren’t even should be levelled out if they’re over 2mm deep.

You’ll also need to remove any wallpaper scraps, screws, nails or other bits of debris. If the walls are dusty, give them a good brush to get rid of any stray particles. Finally, make sure that the bonding is still in good condition before any plastering is done.

Mixing The Plaster

Plaster needs to be mixed to just the right consistency to work. The materials need to be measured out to the correct ratio and then stirred thoroughly to ensure it’s cohesive. You need special equipment to mix plaster well, otherwise, it’ll be a tiring job to do manually.

Once the plaster is mixed, you have a limited time within which to use it. This is usually around 3 hours. It’s important to get the initial coat down, smoothed and perfected in that time for the entire area that you’re working on. Leaving it any longer will result in a poor, patchy finish.

plastering being done

Physically Demanding Work

Plastering is hard work, there’s no doubt about that. It’s physically demanding and involves a lot of stretching, reaching and twisting. If you’ve never done plastering before, you probably won’t be prepared for how hard it is on your body. With the time constraints that come with the materials, you won’t have time for breaks or breathers, so think seriously about it before you begin. In the majority of cases, it’s better to leave this job to a professional who has conditioned their body to tolerate the strenuous nature of the work.

It can also be dangerous, particularly when handling plasterboard and carrying out plastering work on ceilings. If you’re not able to work at a height safely, do not attempt to plaster your ceilings yourself.

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